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Girbau is a multinational corporation that is recognised as one of the leading global groups in manufacturing commercial and industrial equipment in the laundry industry. We deliver high quality and best commercial washing machine for sale in India. Our i

Understanding the Importance of a Commercial Ironing Business in India

The laundry service is becoming an increasingly trending and profitable business all over the worldA wider population of India nowadays lead a busy life and have busy work schedules which do not give them the flexibility in their on the go hours to iron the piles of laundry. This is why almost every other person of this country prefers getting their clothes ironed from a third-party laundry service provider.  

This has led to the creation of a pool of laundry service providers in India. Most of these service providers offer commercial laundry equipment and industrial laundry equipment, including washing machines, drying, and commercial iron press.    



commercial iron press

The commercial ironing services provided by the laundry providers are considered extremely important due to the large number of benefits it offers to both individuals and businesses. Some of these basic key benefits are: 

  1. Superior quality ironing service: The laundry service providers offer fine ironing services after cleaning from professionals that allows cutting down the risk of the clothes getting burned which otherwise is common during ironing clothes by untrained people.  
  2. Provides Hygiene: Using the service of a professional laundry service allows blocking the entry of germs in particular, as washing it thoroughly ensures the removal of dirt and certain harmful bacteria as well. In addition to this, the dry heat exposure of ironing for the clothing kills most organisms left in the fabric.  
  3. Increases the life span of the clothes: When the clothes are washed and ironed properly, it adds up to the lifespan of the clothes making them more durable for future use. 

Leading commercial laundry equipment offered by Girbau 

Girbau is a multinational corporation that is recognised as one of the leading global groups in manufacturing commercial equipment in the laundry industry. Our commercial sector services consist of a wide range of products such as commercial laundry equipment, commercial washing machine, and commercial iron press and dryer. For the Industrial sector too, we deliver high-class services, including the industrial laundry washing machine. Our years of experience in the laundry field have made us the leading manufacturer and experts in India's Commercial Laundry Equipment industry.   

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